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Welcome to official ISTRA COUNTRY CLUB website
This is one and only official site of The ISTRA COUNTRY CLUB community.The village is located within half-an hour traffic-free drive from Moscow. Our settlement is not just one of many alike roomy and clean compounds in the most valued West part of Moscow region. We have at least two key advantages making our home especially sweet.

Firstly, we have mostly hi-end modern wooden houses. They are comfortable, ecology friendly and nice looking.

Secondly, the village citizens have 100 per cent control of the infrastructure. We OWN everything within the perimeter: land, roads, networks.. Well, it is seldom feature for modern townships. We benefit a lot with it. We hire guard and chose service providers, elect local board of directors and work out payment plans. It is also a good basis of development since all decisions are made by owners and expenses are controlled by us.

Third but not the.. last adwantage is high quality living for moderate cost of ownership of a 200..300 sq meter house on 0.15 hectres of land. It is roughly 300 usd per month, including community monthly fees, natural gas and electricity bills, taxes, etc. Lawn moving excluded.

If you are interested to visit us, to live or to invest without agency fees, drop an email to directly to council board by